Bitjoule Magic Box
IoT for DIY Hobbies - Vegetable Factories

The palm-sized boxes will automate your indoor greenhouse.

"Bitjoule Magic Box" assists small-scaled full-time, part-time, and enthusiastic DIY practitioners of vegetables factories, in deploying IT technologies in order to achieve optimal productivity of yields and to make things more fun and interesting to continue.



Bitjoule Magic Box, being the core monitoring and actuating systems that sit besides indoor green houses, support busy multi-task professionals, who have many works to do in daily basis, to automate routine operations corresponding to environmental variables that are measured by sensors. Through the measurements, the boxes act as actuators to automate supply systems for ventilation, CO2, nutrient, water, and many more. The collected data can also be sent to the cloud for long-term storage and future analysis exploring greater productivity.


Bitjoule Magic Box is certified to run with Microsoft Azure IoT. You can learn more about it here.


Microsoft Azure IoT


How they work

Bitjoule Magic Box contains micro-processors such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and their analog & digital I/Os will be connected to various 3rd party sensors that measure relevant environmental variables. We have the list of supported sensors and devices that can work with the boxes, however, they can usually work with what you already have as long as it works with Arduino UNO/Mega. The boxes also host lots of small parts ranging from switching power supplies, junction boards/wires, ICs, ON/OFF switches, relays, a camera, to many more to make the entire build simple within the small footprint. Without Bitjoule Magic Box, the whole landscape at your facility will be very complicated and messy - you'll probably need twice as much space and hassle for IT equipment alone as a shelf of green house.

Bitjoule currently does not sell the boxes but provides knowledge as part of "Bitjoule's Vegetable Factory Evangelist Corner" (BvEC) so that you can build cloned "Bitjoule Magic Box as DIY." We also provide sample C programs for Arduino UNO/Mega and a working OS image for Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 that come with BvEC. Once you build your boxes, you'll be comfortable with customizing and enhancing them to serve your own needs.

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