Bitjoule Magic Box
IoT for DIY Hobbies - Hydroponics / Aquaponics

The palm-sized boxes will automate your indoor greenhouse and fish tank.

"Bitjoule Magic Box" assists small-scaled full-time, part-time, and enthusiastic DIY practitioners of hydroponics and aquaponics, in deploying IT technologies in order to achieve optimal productivity of yields and to make things more fun and interesting to continue.



Bitjoule Magic Box, sitting besides indoor green houses or aquaponic fish tanks, aims to optimize various operations throughout their lifecycle while monitoring key environmental variables that are measured by sensors as inputs. With the measurements, the box can help actuators automate their output operations, such as regulating ventilation, supplying CO2 / nutrient / water, taking pictures with a camera module, and doing many more depending on your creativity. The collected data can also be sent to the cloud for long-term storage and future analysis exploring greater productivity.


Bitjoule Magic Box is certified to run with Microsoft Azure IoT. You can learn more about it here.


Microsoft Azure IoT


How they work

Bitjoule Magic Box requires you to bring your own micro-processors such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and TI Launchpad. Their analog & digital I/O pins will be connected to the Magic Box.  Then the Magic Box will connect to various 3rd party sensors for inputs and actuators for outputs. Thus the Magic Box acts as a junction box.

Why do you NOT connect these sensors/actuators directly to a micro-processor board? 

There are some reasons:

- Prevent damage of the micro-controllers

- Add extra features such as relays, on/off switches, signal lights, voltage convertors, etc. which none of micro-contoller boards and external input/output devices equip for expected purposes. By adding the Magic Box, the input/output automation becomes a lot of FUN! 

- Put multiple input/output systems into one single box for easier management. For example, an Arduino board and a Raspberry Pi board can connect to a single Magic Box. 

- Avoid spaghetti-like wiring!!

Using is believing.

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