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Bitjoule offers a monthly subscription service called "Bitjoule Vegetable Factory Evangelist Corner" (BvEC), which enables you to access dozens of useful educational content, such as tutorial videos, slides, references, working program samples, etc. so that you become familiar with building and managing your own micro-scaled vegetable factory without going to schools or wandering around. None of the major online courses or educational institutions offer this level of granularity, practicality, and broadness of coverage in one place, especially for DIY. Vegetable factory requires the knowledge in broad areas of subject matters, and it is also the beauty of being in this field!

New content is added/updated at about every other month, so as long as you subscribe BvEC, you'll have unlimited access to all the contents and keep nurturing your intellectual needs. By going through the available tutorials, you'll also be able to build your own Bitjoule Magic Box as DIY.

Currently we have the following 3 titles:


Title 1:   Building DIY vegetable factory and measurements using Arduino

Title 2:   Automation in DIY vegetable factories operations using Arduino

Title 3:   IoT - Monitoring DIY vegetable factories using Raspberry Pi and Arduino


 Title 1:   Building DIY vegetable factory and measurements using Arduino

Section I:   Introduction

I-a).   What are vegetable factories? What are they different from conventional farming?

I-b).   Photosynthesis

Section II:   Building your own micro-scaled DIY grow shelf

II-a).   Designing your shelves

II-b).   Create water drain 

II-c).   Water circulation

II-d).   Air pumps

II-e).   Ventilation fans

II-f).   Timers

Section III:   Lights

III-a).   Comparison of light sources

III-b).   Use of prefabricated LED

III-c).   Making DIY LED

III-d).   Setup of lights

Section IV:   Sowing, germination, harvest

IV-a).   Sowing and germination in indoor contexts

IV-b).   Harvest

IV-c).   Basics of nutrients in hydroponics

Section V:   Overview of IT in vegetable factories 

V-a).   Basics of IT equipment used in vegetable factories

V-b).   Measurements fundamental using Arduino

V-c).   Getting Arduino ready as a controller

Section VI:   Measurements of environmental variables using Arduino

VI-a).   Wind speed measurements

VI-b).   Light intensity measurements

VI-c).   Temperature measurements

VI-d).   Humidity measurements

VI-e).   CO2 measurements

VI-f).   PH measurements

VI-g).   EC measurements

 Title 2:   Automation in DIY vegetable factories operations using Arduino

Section I:     Introduction
Section II:    Making and automating ventilation fans
Section III:   Making and automating water supply systems
Section IV:   Making and automating humidifier
Section V:    Making and automating nutrient supply systems
Section VI:   Making and automating CO2 supply systems  

 Title 3:   IoT - Monitoring DIY vegetable factories using Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Section I:    Introduction

I-a).    Getting Raspberry Pi ready

I-b).    Adding network functionality to Arduino

Section II:   Build web server using Raspberry Pi 

II-a).   Installation of OS in Raspberry Pi

II-b).   Configure network

II-c).   Set up web server 

II-d).   Set up PHP

II-e).   Set up database server

II-f).    Store data in DB using PHP

II-g).   Show data in HTML using PHP

Section III:   Networking and data exchange between an Arduino client and a Raspberry Pi server

III-a).   C program to handle HTTP POST from Arduino

III-b).   Send HTTP POST from Arduino to a test web server

III-c).   Send HTTP POST from Arduino to Raspberry Pi

Section IV:   Web camera

IV-a).   Introduction of web camera that works with Raspberry Pi

IV-b).   Using USB webcam

IV-c).   Using CSI camera module

Section V:   Alert notification

V-a).   Email alert from vegetable factories

The following titles are coming soon :  

  • Nutrient deep dive - make your own nutrient solutions
  • Cloud-based storage and monitor
  • Environmental variables analytics

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